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You become invisible and lunge at one of the muggers. You don't punch with the force that you would if you used super strength, but you are able to catch him off-guard. He stumbles to the ground.

The woman breaks free from the toppled crook, but the other attacker grabs her arm tight.

"What happened? Did you fa--" The remaining mugger doesn't get a chance to finish his sentence as you sink your fist into his teeth. He clutches his face, stumbling around.

"This bitch knows how to fight, man!" the first mugger exclaims as he gets up and runs. The second regains composure and follows him. A trail of urine follows them down the street. Heh... He didn't even realize she wasn't the one to hit him.

"Are you okay?" you ask as you turn off your invisibility.

"Y-yes..." the woman replies. "What hap... Was that you who punched them? I didn't even see you!"

"Oh, uh... yeah," you say. "I can turn invisible. I guess I'm like a superhero."

"Well, thank you," the woman says. "I'm Jayna, byt the way. Those scum..." Jayna's voice trails off. "I'm glad you were passing by," Jayna says, looking at you with awe in her eyes.

"So am I," you reply.

What do you do?

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