From Create Your Own Story

Black whisps of smoke curl around your frame as you approach the muggers.

"Hey! Leave her alone," you growl at them.

"Oh, yeah?" one of them asks. "Make us!" They both lunge at you, clunking their heads together as they try to grab you.

"What the hell?" the second mugger says, rubbing his head. "Are you some kind of ghost?"

"I'm some kind of your-worst-nightmare," you reply. It wasn't a very clever comeback, but it seems to have done its job. The muggers turn tail and run, leaving a trail of urine behind them.

"Thank you," the woman says. "I'm Jayna. Those scum..." Jayna's voice trails off. "I'm glad you were passing by," Jayna says, looking at you with awe in her eyes.

"So am I," you reply.

What do you do?

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