Super: Spiderman: Set up the pictures and then start the fight

From Create Your Own Story

As you rush to the scene, you put your camera on one of the buildings where it can take some good pictures of the coming combat. You dash into a alley and change into your costume. As you come up, you listen to Electro have the regular rant about how he is undefeatable and you will be vanquished, you roll your eyes at the regular threats, and as his back turned, you go and punch him. The fight starts and after a couple minutes of fun banter and a few hits to he head later, Electro was in a rubber suit being rounded up by the cops. You look at your watch and see that if you are very late and would get in trouble if you went to school at this time, unless you got a good excuse. You can go see Doctor Conners and get an excuse for being late or go and get your cash for the pictures from JJ Jameson. So what will you do;

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