Super: Shadow Cat: Run away from the mansion

From Create Your Own Story

You've had it with this. You thought you can take this, you thought you would have a chance with Colossus, but it proved there is no point. Besides, why would he do with a young girl like you. You thought by joining the X-Men you would be a hero that people would look up to and find a nice guy to be with, but it is only a dream to you and you can no longer stand it. You decided to leave the Mansion for good. You went back to your room and changed you clothes as you pack up your things, including your X-Men uniform, which is sleeveless and with a short skirt (Ultimate X-Men uniform version). Even though you don't want to be an X-Men anymore you still find the uniform cute to look at. With all your things packed up, you quietly phased yourself out of the mansion and appeared on the front gate. Before you leave you turned back and say your goodbyes. Despite the difficulties you've had as an X-Men, with all the anti-mutant slurs you've encountered and the battles you've fought, you did however enjoyed your time with the team and considered them to be another family. You wiped away your tears as you carry your bag and depart for good.

A couple of minutes later, you are at a nearby street with some shops still open, with no sign of people on the street at this time of night, and you wonder what to do next:

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