Super: Shadow Cat: Buy a snack from a Convenient Store

From Create Your Own Story

You feel hungry, and seeing that you have some change left you decided to go to a nearby convenient store.

Entering the convenient store you see a 30 year old man who greeted you politely. "Good evening young miss". "Hello" you replied. "Isn't it a bit late for you to be here at this time?" He wonders. "I'm just here to buy something before I go to New York". "Oh, well in that case. You take your time purchasing some of my products. The bus here usually came late, and if you want anything else then fell free to speak to me." "T-Thank you. That's real nice of you" "Nice is what kept this store running young lady". Kitty let out a small laugh and says "Thanks. I'm Kitty Pryde by the way". " Nice to meet you Kitty. I'm Joshua Johnson" as the store owner smiles. Kitty looked over the store and picked up some things to take on the way. Just then, a man wearing a shady jacket with slightly torn jeans and a black cap approached the counter as he puts his hand in his pocket. "Good evening, may I-" "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY NOW!" as the man said as he took out his gun and pointed at Joshua's head. You heard this and see Joshua in trouble as the man held a gun onto his head, and you are left wondering what to do. You can choose to save him, but you are not sure how he would react to the presence of a mutant in his store. Or you can choose not to and phase away without anyone knowing you are in the store, since the area is empty.


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