Super: Mary Marvel (Mary Batson)

From Create Your Own Story

Mary Batson, a sweet and cute 10 year old girl with brunette hair, who is also an orphan and living with her adoptive parents with three adoptive brothers and a sister. Among them is your 12 year old brother Billy Batson, who is also the superhero name Shazam. Mary is finishing her homework and about to go brush her teeth and be ready for bed, until Mary stops and looked at herself in the mirror. Looking at her figure, Mary remember her Mary Marvel appearance as a 20 or more years older adult with long silky brunette hair, an attractive figure with curvy ass and soft skin, and large breast, while your costume appeared in a female Shazam appearance, but with a white cape and hood and short skirt. Mary wonders what else she could do anything else in her young appearance that she could also do in her older appearance, while start to leave the room. As Mary finishes brushing her teeth and head back to herr room while the rest of the folks sleeping, Mary hears a noise coming from Billy's room. Taking a peek, Mary are surprised to see Billy still awake and found him watching adult porn in his computer as he puts down his pants and strokes his cock. Causing her to feel turned on as Mary watched him while seeing a porn video of a young woman having anal sex while sucking another man's cock

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