Super: Joker: Start a riot

From Create Your Own Story

You've been locked up in your padded cell for two weeks, so far you've only started a little fight between Killer Croc and Bane to see who's the strongest, you did that just from the cell.

You've been a little bored lately and want to take control of Gotham City once more and kill the dreaded Batman. You snarl at the thought of the loon.

You roll onto your feet and walk to the door, three small bars lay for a window. "Heellllllloooo?" You call out through the metal cylinders, "What's a clown gotta do to get service around 'ere?"

Soon a psychologist comes to the door with two guards.

"Well hello there lil Missy, what's your name?" You ask as your prolific evil smile crosses your face.

"I'm Doctor Lucy Male" The pretty proffessor says looking straight into your eyes.

"Oh Doctor, nice to meet you, but please look at me when you speak" The real "you" slaps both the guards in the back of the head and leans of the Doctor, "Please let my pals out, pwetty pwease with sugar on top"

The Doctor nods quickly before pressing a button to open up all the cages.

"Good girl"

Most of your goons including, Killer Croc and Scarecrow leave their cells. You let out a long, hard laugh.

There's a hallway north to Harley's cell and another hallway to the East to Harvey Dent and Two-faces cell, you think you could rub his face in escaping.

Where would you like to go?

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