Super: Batman: Party with Supergirl

From Create Your Own Story

As wonder Woman leaves the Party you look at Kara. The blonde looks back at Bruce and smiles while her blue eyes dance with mischief. It occurs to him that she is genuinely excited to spend time with you. Quickly making a decision, Bruce decides he won't disappoint. if she wants an exciting night free of crimefighting, then he'll show her everything Gotham has to offer.

Taking her hand in his, Bruce leads her towards the open bar, ordering himself a drink, something light, as he realizes its likely to be a long night. Kara is still holding your hand as she begins to order she freezes, then turns her head to his. She brings her mouth close to his ears and begins to talk.

"I'm only 19," Kara whispers softly, her warm breath tickles his ear. Turning to her, Kara looks disappointed and embarrassed, while Bruce resists the urge to roll his eyes. last week she literally stopped a meteor from blowing up Seattle, yet she never had a drink? When he was her age he was in Asia being trained as an assassin, yet she never drank.

"She'll have what I'm having." Bruce turned his head towards her and watched as her embarrassed expression turn to relief.

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