Super:Harley Quinn:You want the Joker

From Create Your Own Story

"Dr Strange I am more than qualified to work on any patient here and that includes John Doe. This Joker, as he likes to call himself, does not scare me. I can handle him" you say firmly but with your naturally bubbly voice you always have a hard time being taken more seriously. but you feel if you are firm enough you will be.

"Very Well Dr Quinzel" Dr Strange says handing you the file. "He's all yours. Try to be careful" he gives another warm smile at you and you leave the office.

You walk down the hall reading the file. It is quite disturbing. This John Doe is quite a disturbed individual. He's done a lot of awful things. Truely his mind will be an interesting study. You got what you want you're going to interview The Joker. You admit to yourself you are thrilled.

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