Super:Harley Quinn:With the Joker

From Create Your Own Story

You are now officially Harley Quinn. But you are still very new. While you have your gymnastics to pull from that's about it, you're not a skilled fighter and you're not immune to anything. Your skin is it's normal color you use white pancake makeup on your face to make it look chalk white.

You have on your first henchwoman costume. A full bodysuit with a red and black checkered pattern that goes up to a hood over your head that looks like a jesters cap. You have black gloves that end at the wrists and have a fluffy lining at the end. Your face is the only thing visible, you wear black lipstick on your bottom lip and red on the top one. "How do I look Mr J?" you say in your squeaky perky tone.

The Joker looks at you "why Harl you look Devine" he laughs maniacally slapping your ass and squeezing your tits. Per his instructions you're not wearing any underwear. Your nipples harden from being pinched through the thin material

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