Super:Harley Quinn:Interview Another inmate

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You think about it, it is better to learn to crawl before you can walk. Best to take things slow "perhaps you are corrrect Dr Strange, maybe it's best I start with another patient" you say, admiting your mentor has a point.

"It's not a criticism on your abilities Harleen, sorry Dr Quinzel. I merely don't want you to get over your head. Digging into the psyches' of these damaged individuals can be dangerous if not careful. One needs experience to fall back on and right now you have very little" he says in that stern voice of his but he has a smile on his face trying his best to be warm and friendly with you "so let's get you some Dr. We have a few cases or I cannot help work with you to groom you to be ready for the Joker" he throws two files on the table. " so what will it be, to make it fun I'll just say one patient is a female, ones a male, or work directly under me?"

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