Summer Sleepover

From Create Your Own Story

Schools out and summer is officially here.

Siblings Andy and Ashley live right up from their childhood friend. This summer Ty's mother is called away on urgent business to South America. Much to Ty's relief he gets the duplex to himself on the condition that he'll spend nights with Jensen.

The Big 3:

  • Andy Jensen - The athletic blonde prankster. Thirteen, w/ Curly haired and tall for his age, he's the charmer of the group.
  • Tyler Stelle - The scrappy brown nerd. Thirteen, w/ full head of black dreads, Tyler's a quiet nerd but he's always there to back Andy and Ashley up.
  • Ashley Jenson - The red-head tomboy. Sixteen, w/ flame-haired, brash and quick on the draw. Sara's sassy enough to start fights, tough enough to finish them.

Additional profiles:

  • Heather Jensen college student, cheerleader and the big sister to the "Big 3".
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