Suggest taking Lita back to your apartment

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"Why don't we go back to my place, where we can have some privacy?" you suggest.

Lita agrees. Half an hour later, you're walking Lita through your front door. You're still dressed in the waitress outfit -- Lita purchased a second one for herself and paid for yours.

You take off the skimpy costume and direct Lita to strip. She quickly sheds her clothes and you lead her to the bedroom, where you lie her down with her legs spread.

Lita is very ready -- her pussy is already dripping. You get between her legs and lick her nectar from her slit, making her moan.

You find her clit and lick it. Lita locks her legs around your head and squeals.

You plunge your tongue into her box and slurp up as much of her honey as you can. She squirms and lets out a gasp. You circle her bud with your fingertip as you eat her and she shudders violently and floods you with her juices. You hungrily lick up as much of her sweetness as you can.

You extract yourself from between her legs and lie next to her on the bed. "Now we're even," you say.

Lita smiles. "Want to keep playing? I like the new you."

Health Horny & Female Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 5
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