Suck yourself

From Create Your Own Story

You roll onto your back and bring your cockhead to your lips. You tease the tip before thrusting your cock into your own mouth. What you don't know is that an assassin aware of your "habits", put a growth potion into your water last night. It is activated by saliva after ingestion, and as you suck your cock you unknowingly activate it. Your hardon grows so fast that it catches you off guard. It worms its way into your throat before you can stop it and you try to pull your hips back to bring it out of your throat. It has already grown to big and you scream as your own dick invades your throat and suffocates you. You squrim and struggle, but all that does is make you closer to cumming as the lewd murderous situation is turning you on. Your hips buck against your will and your eyes roll to the back of your skull as your dick drowns you in your owm semen. Your lungs fill with your spunk as you try to breathe and you suffocate to death with a cock in your throat and cum coming out of your nose thanks to the sheer volume of it. Your servants waste no time in fucking your lifeless corpse once they find it, and that is how you are remembered.


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