Subverse - Kathy Ramirez

From Create Your Own Story

This is it! You stealthily swapped your test papers with another student’s to avoid getting a low rank! You were sure you failed it, so it was your only option. The problem is that it was a gamble, as you don’t know who you switched with. You can only pray that you picked someone smart.

You are lined up in the main hall of your college, waiting for your name to be called, as well as your rank. Your headmistress, Mrs Kain, steps up to the podium. She adjusts her glasses and flicks a lock of stray blonde hair over her shoulder before clearing her throat and leaning into the microphone, her piercing blue eyes scanning over the anxious students.

“Welcome to ranking day everyone. I know you have all done your best. I want you all to remember that you can still do very well in life with a low rank, you will just need to put in more effort. Since the rankings were introduced 30 years ago, crime has fallen to record levels in every country. It may seem unfair to those at the bottom, but please trust that they are for your own good. I wish you all the best of luck. Now, let’s begin.

Mrs Kain taps on her tablet and sets it up in front of her. In alphabetical order, she called out the names of students, along with their ranks. Everyone around you seems to be doing well. Most get 7s or 8s and the sighs of relief are audible, even from across the room. The girl in the row behind you recieves a 4 and you hear her hands clap to her mouth in shock and her friends comforting her. One of the boys in fromt of you looks over his shoulder woth a creepy looking grin.

You shiver slightly, but continue to wait for your results. Finally; “Kathy Ramirez, you are rank:”

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