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Beep... Beep... Beep...

You slowly reach a hand out from under the covers to press the "snooze" button on the top of your alarm clock, then grasp it with your hand and lift it slightly from the bedside table. You squint with tired eyes to see the time and manage to make out the numbers "6," "3," and "0."

"6," "3," and "0." ...

"6:30." Your mind puts the numbers together. It takes a few seconds but it finally hits you - You're late! You were supposed to have gotten up 30 minutes ago, as your shift starts at 6:30 today and you aren't even ready yet!

With a great heave, you toss the covers off you and onto the floor then leap from the bed to your feet. You make haste to your dresser-drawer and tear it open, quickly grabbing hold of several articles of clothing and tossing them onto the bed. Once you have finished gathering your work clothes, you scamper off toward the bathroom to make yourself a little more presentable. There isn't time for a shower, so it will have to do. However, you slow to a halt as you spot something out of the corner of your eye - your calendar.

Diverting your course from the bathroom to the calendar, you pause in front of it and notice that all the days this month have a big red X over them. You must have forgotten to change it and since you are here, you take a corner of the lower page and flip it over to reveal... that today is the first of June, a Saturday, and today is your day off. At least, if the bold red lettering with a circle around it is to be believed. Did you just get up and rush to get ready for no reason?

Just to be certain, you slink over to the table near the door and dive your hand into your purse. A little digging produces your watch which not only can display the time but with the press of a button, also the current date. A quick press of said button confirms it. Today is Saturday, the 1st of June, the first day you had off from work in the past two weeks.

You glance back over to your bed, to the clothes you laid out: Well, now what?


Status (Female)
Health 100% <> Possessions <>
Condition Fine Sleepwear, Digital Watch
Date Sat 1/06
Time 6:38 AM
Location Your Home
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