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Status (-)
Health - <> Possessions <>
Condition - -
Date -
Time -
Location -

This is what the status bar looks like, and what you will be seeing on every page of the story. It will keep you up to date on your current location, your possessions, the date and the time (if you have a method of checking the current time, that is.) The small (-) beside Status will display your current gender. The majority of this card is self-explanatory, however some things may need to be elaborated on:

Health: This is represented as a percentage, starting at 100%. As you take damage, or are hurt, it will decrease. When it reaches 0%, you have died. Minor wounds will slowly heal themselves over time, though major wounds may only heal a little or even not at all unless they are treated first.

Condition: This represents your current condition. Most of the time this will be displayed as "Fine" however, certain things can change this. For example, if you take too much damage it may change to "Injured" or even "Critical" (near death.) In addition, if you are bitten by something poisonous, it'll read "Poisoned" to remind you why you are losing health with each passing moment.

Date: The current date, in the following format: Day of the Week dd/mm. Thus, Sat 01/06 means the 1st of June, which is a Saturday.

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