Stick Them with the Pointy End (ASOIAF)

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Jon climbed the steps to his sister's room, excited and nervous to give her his present. He opened the door and entered.

Arya was in her room, packing a polished ironwood chest that was bigger than she was. Nymeria was helping. Arya would only have to point and the wolf would bound across the room, snatch up some wisp of silk in her jaws, and fetch it back. But when she smelled Ghost, she sat back down on her haunches and yelped at them.

Arya glanced behind her, saw Jon, and jumped to her feet. She threw her skinny arms tight around his neck. "I was afraid you were gone," she said, her breath catching in her throat. "They wouldn't let me out to say good-bye."

"What did you do now?" Jon was amused.

Arya disentangled herself from him and made a face. "Nothing. I was all packed and everything." She gestured at the huge chest, no more than a third full, and at the clothes that were scattered all over the room. Jon's eyes lingered on her smallclothes for a bit longer than they should have. "Septa Mordane says I have to do it all over. My things weren't properly folded, she says. A proper southron lady doesn't just throw her clothes inside her chest like old rags, she says."

"Is that what you did, little sister?"

"Well, they're going to get all messed up anyway," she said, "Who cares how they're folded?"

"Septa Mordane," Jon told her. "I don't think she'd like Nymeria helping, either." The she-wolf regarded him softly with her dark golden eyes. "It's just as well. I have something for you to take with you, but it has to be our secret."

Her face lit up. "A present?"

"You could call it that. Close the door."

Wary but excited, Arya checked the hall. "Nymeria, here. Guard." Nymeria walked outside the room and sat down in front of the door. Ghost joined her. She left the wolves out there to ward off intruders and closed the door. By then Jon had sat on her bed and was rubbing his clearly visible erection through his pants. She was taken aback.

"Ummm Jon, what are you doing?" she asked. Part of her thought she should be disgusted but the other half got really turned on.

"Getting comfortable," He replied.

"Look, you need to lea-"

"Is that what you told the miller's boys after you fucked them?"

She froze, speechless. "How did you know?" she asked meekly.

"Not important, what matters is that I know you're not a virgin."

"Are you gonna tell Mom," she asked, head down.

"Of course not! You were horny so you seduced some boys. Perfectly normal."

She picked her head up, smiling. "Really, you think so!"

"Definitely! I'm just concerned for you."

"Why?" She asked, confused.

"Those miller's boys are weaker than Rickon. I doubt they could pleasure you fully. You need a real man."

She smiled seductively. "And where can I find a real man?"

"I think it's time you unwrapped your present," Jon said, gesturing to his pants.

Arya smiled and got onto her knees in front of Jon. She pulled down his pants to reveal a massive 9 inch erect penis. "Do you know how to suck dick?" Jon asked, barely containing his excitement.

"Please," Arya chuckled, then devoured his cock. She took 5 inches in the first gulp. Jon groaned in satisfaction as his sister sucked him off. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, taking inch after inch in until she was finally deep throating his cock all the way. Jon's cock snaked down her throat with every thrust. With her free hand, Arya put a hand under her smallclothes and rubbed her pussy. She moaned onto his cock, which increased his pleasure. Finally, as he was nearing his climax, he pulled her off.

"What gives?" she asked, licking her lips.

"This would be easier if you stripped," he said, smiling. She smirked and nodded. She first took off her breeches and top, leaving her in only her small clothes. She peeled back her "bra," exposing her practically non-existent tits. She then turned around and slowly took off her panties, bending over as she did. This revealed both her ass and pussy. Jon was practically drooling.

"Lie down on the bed," Jon said, removing the last of his clothes. She did as he requested, spreading her legs wide. Jon got between her legs. "Get ready to have your mind blown," he warned, before kissing his way up her leg. She moaned as he neared her soaking wet pussy. He kissed his way around it three times, practically making her lose it, before kissing her clit. She almost came right then and there. He ran his tongue over the length of her pussy several times before plunging it in. She ran her fingers through his hair as he eat her out. He continued this for five minutes until she came, filling his mouth with her juices. She was panting, gasping for air, as he readied to fuck her.

"The first rule about sex," he said as he lined his dick up, "Is to stick them with the pointy end." He then thrust in, causing Arya to scream in pleasure. Nymeria howled, covering up her scream. He got 7 inches in on the first thrust, 8 on the second, and the full 9 inches on the third. He rammed into her, Arya writhing in pleasure. He grabbed her breasts and kneaded them as he fucked her. He twisted each nipple as well, which made her beg for more. Nobody had ever fucked her this hard! The miller's boys were usually done after two or three minutes, with one in her mouth and one in her pussy. She usually had to rub herself afterwards to come. She knew that wouldn't be a problem with Jon.

He flipped her over, dick still in her pussy, and did her doggy style. He pounded into her as fast as he could, bringing her pleasure to a whole new level. His balls made an audible slap as the collided with Arya. He grabbed her hair, using it to get even deeper and thrust even harder. He slapped her ass as well, which was more than Arya could take.

"I'M CUMMING!!" She yelled, coating his dick in her fluids. Arya expected Jon to come too, but he just kept on going, even speeding up. He repositioned them so she was riding him cowgirl style. She looked into his eyes, bewildered that he lasted this long.

"Your turn to do some work," he joked, obviously a little fatigued from fucking her. She smiled and began to bounce up and down on his dick. She bit her bottom lip as she grinded on him, getting the cock as deep as possible. He reached up and fondled her tits as she rode him. Her pussy was so wet from cumming that she could get him all the way in, reaching farther then even her dildo had ever reached. Finally, Jon decided he was ready to finish this. He grabbed her ass and thrust into her over and over again. The sudden change of pace caused Arya to come again, screaming in pure bliss. He then pulled out.

"On your knees I'm gonna cum," Jon said, forcing Arya to kneel. She complied, still dazed from her third orgasm. He then thrust his cock into her mouth, surprising her. He grabbed her hair and used it to fuck her face as hard as he could. She couldn't breathe, but she didn't care. She loved every minute of it. He groaned as he thrust in one final time, cumming down her throat. He pulled out and came in her mouth and on her face. Arya swallowed it as they both relaxed, exhausted.

"That's how a real man fucks," Jon said, panting. Arya nodded, out of breath.

"I also had Mikken make you a sword."



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