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Welcome to Steampunk Adventures, a collection of stories loosely set in the same fantasy/steampunk world. Anyone is free to create their own stories, or make deviations on somebody else's.

Steampunk Adventures takes place on the mythical continent of Kyral. Kyral is separated into five kingdoms that work together for the betterment of all.

The kingdom of Varikan spearheads the technological development of the world, training inventors and "cogmancers"(mages capable of manipulating steam-tech).

The kingdom of Lialf is the military might of Kyral.

The kingdom of Drakora appears like any other kingdom, but is secretly a tyrannical dictatorship planning on taking the other kingdoms by force.

The kingdom of Yssal is a kingdom of scholars, where the biggest academy in Kyral teaches children of all the kingdoms.

The kingdom of Pencrul is rich with magic flowing through everything, many of Kyral's greatest mages are Pencrulian.

Inbetween these kingdoms are vast expanses of wild land, inhabited by bandits, monsters and wild manifestations of magic, these wildlands are a dangerous place to live and adventurers are often needed to protect smaller villages from all manner of threats.

So then, who are you?

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