Stay home and watch television

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I decide to not make any more progress for today. I flop myself down on my futon and start scrolling the TV guide. The hotel offers all of its guests Y-Verse cable, which has thousands of channels. I've never seen so many channels in my lifetime. When I was a little girl, we only had basic cable and Saturday morning cartoons which were the best.

. . .

I hadn't realized that I had actually fallen asleep until a loud thump woke me up. Suddenly I heard screaming that seemed to be coming from an older woman right outside my room. I looked out my peephole to see an older woman trying to get away from a younger man who was pushing her up against my door.

I banged on the door and yelled, "Stop!" The man seem to have backed off and I swung the door open. The older woman practically fell into my arms. She was so small, with wispy graying hair. He, on the other hand, was very tall, skinny, and broad shouldered.

I gasped in horror as he pulled out a gun and aimed in at my face, "You should've stayed inside your little room, bitch. You shouldn't interfere with the real world."

I hear a faint yelp escape my throat, a very loud bang, and then silence.

 .                                   Rayne has died.          

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