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Your name is David, the typical 'average' 16 year old boy. You enjoy sports, video games and hanging out with your friends. You are around 5'9 feet tall and have a pretty decent figure for your age. Your hair appears black to you but people always insist on calling it dark brown, you just think they are crazy. Other than that your eyes are dark blue. You are pretty good looking for your age it's just that your social skills have held you back when it came to hanging out with girls. You go to an international school, this means there are girls from all over the globe leaving you with plenty of eye candy. You are of course too afraid to admit you are into any of them.

Today It's sports day, yay! To be honest you were never really into the whole idea of it before but since you have become a bit more sporty this year you've definitely become excited to show your ability to your friends and yourself. Sports day could also provide a bit of a confidence boost for yourself and you might even start talking to more people. Your team for sports day are called the blue hurricanes, the blue hurricanes are one of four teams in school. You are equipped with a blue shirt with a print of the hurricane and some shorts. Because the sport you have chosen to do is football/soccer your sports bag has your football boots and shin pads too. You've chosen football because you are seen as somewhat tough by your friends and schoolmates. This makes the position of defender suit you just perfectly. You can easily out muscle most other players and you have a bit of pace too. In the afternoon there will be other sporting trials such as sprints, relays and other typical sports day events. You have signed yourself up for the mixed 4 x 200 meter relay. You aren't quite sure of your other team members but you do know that it will be one other guy and two girls.

You snap out of your thoughts, It's time to get yourself registered in school before starting the day. There is a little bit of time before that and you can see a couple of kids hanging around in the main area. Maybe you could find something to do before you head up?

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