Start stroking it(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You're reluctant at first but you reach up and start stroking it. It gets hard in your hand. It's so black and big. It's bigger than the ones in the videos. You want to suck it, your mouth waters just thinking about it. You lean in and lift it to your lips. You open your mouth and let it slide past your lips, it's so warm on your tongue, your mouth so wet. You wrap your lips around it and enjoy the heat of it, the taste and the size of it as it fills your mouth. You take it in til it hits the back of your throat. You start stroking it as you suck on the head of him. You bob up and down on the tip as you stroke his shaft with both hands. This cock taste so good, your looking forward to the finish. You continue to suck, taking cues from the moans through the wall. You stroke faster and suck it deeper in your mouth. You slide up and down, sucking hard on it, saliva is pouring out of your mouth. It tastes so good, the smell of.sweat and musk turning you on. His cock is rock hard now. Your lips glide past the head of his cock slowly and you slam you mouth down on it.

Finish him off(SLBC))

Put you ass up to the hole(SLBC)

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