Start looking for a job

From Create Your Own Story

You decide it's best you look for a job. Since you have a great body (long legs, huge double H breasts) and you are really smart on top of all of that (valedictorian for your class), you figure you will have no problem finding a job.

You put together your resume on your computer at home and put together your outfit to start pounding the pavement. You select your micromini black skirt that shows off your fantastic round ass and your white sheer blouse with a red bra. You put on your four-inch red heels (your friend Linda calls them your stripper heels). You brush out your luscious blonde locks and set out the door.

Thankfully, your mom has lent you her car for the day.

You get in the car and...

You are: An 18-year-old woman with HH breasts, in a short skirt and stripper heels
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