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Thinking he is surely helpless by now, you wrap your lips around his cock and taste his pre dripping onto your tongue. You misjudged him, however, and he wraps your head with his legs before pulling you all the way onto his cock. You choke and gasp in suprise before falling onto your back in a futile attempt at escape. With his new leverage, he starts to fuck your throat mercilessly as he pulls himself out of your dick. You writhe in pleasure at the feeling of his escape and barely notice your burning lungs until he fully withdraws drom your dick.

"Try to kill me?!?!", he yells while slamming his dick in and out of your mouth and throat. You feel lightheaded and the only thing you can see is his balls slapping into your face as he pounds you ferociously.

"Get the fuck over here", he suddenly yells while pulling out of your throat. He leaves you coughing and wheezing until you suddenly feel hot wet lips surround your massive, but shrinking, cock. You grab the head and start forcing its way down your shaft as your eldest son takes his place at your face again. It dawns on you when he inevitably rams back into your that you are holding your youngest son on your dick. You force him down anyway so you can release this ridiculois amount of seed. It doesn't take long as the breathplay, cock vore, and tight throat force you past your limit. You cum down your son's throat in one endless jet of white. The sounds of muffled screams reach your ears, as well as the feeling of liquid hitting your balls. Your son just came beforee he inhaled your jizz and drowned. Your oldest son still pounds his meaty pride down your throat in quick forceful thrusts. You can see his face as he watches his brother let out one death spasm before remaining still on your pulsing cock. He grunts and fucks until you see dots before roaring and jizzing into your throat. You know you've lost and inhale his cum quickly. Your body goes into a panic and fights for survival before you accept the darkness surrounding your vision.

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