Star Wars: Dawn of the New Republic

From Create Your Own Story

The shuttle's engines hush as it comes down on the landing pad but immediately after, the loud noises of the world around you erupts. Flying cars, buildings, people and aliens all seeming to talk in unison. Your eyes close for a second as people begin to stand, quieting your mind before getting up yourself. You grab several bags from underneath your seat, pulling them over your shoulder before walking towards the doors.

Your fate is in front of you. Coruscant, the capital of the Republic spans out before your eyes. It's almost hard to believe that this section of the city is but an inch of what the world has to offer. Well, it's about damn time. Hyperspace gave you a headache that could kill a bantha.

It's time to get settled..

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:

500 creds

MP 0
Level 1
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