Stand still

From Create Your Own Story

You stand still and watch in amazement as he beats off his cock with both hands. You swear his dick is longer than your arm and just as thick he still has his eyes closed and is making the most primal grunts you have heard before in your life. You realize that they are turning you on and the musky smell and lewd slapping noises aren't helping either. You decide to step into the path of his jizz while jacking off as well. You close your eyes as you feel yourself coming close already. Suddenly yiu hear a triumphant grunt and a slap of warm cum hiting your face. You are hit on your chest, face, and a shot even lands on your masturbating hand soaking up your cock thoroughly. You open your eyes to see him staring at you with confusion before a mischievous smile creeps onto his face. He walks towards you and you back into the wall in fear. He just grabs your cock without saying a word and starts to jack you off. You're suprised as hell as he pumps you harder and faster. As your lust overtakes you, you look back up at him with an obviously questioning look. He just grabs your head and leans in for a kiss as you hump his hand. The situation is too much for you and you cum as well. He breaks the kiss to look down at you, then drags you under the spray of the shower. You let out a quick squeak as he washes the cum off your body surprisingly gently.

Leave the showers

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