Stalker-try to have a casual conversation with Jenny

From Create Your Own Story

You have some shopping to do at the mall and take the opportunity to stop in Jenny's shop. Jenny's eyes light up when she sees you, giving you confidence. Your conversation is the normal trivial stuff about looking forward to the weekend, the weather isn't looking great, and so on, but Jenny seems really interested anyway. You give her a compliment on a necklace she's wearing and watch as she blushes and twirls her hair. As you start to leave, Jenny stops you.

"Say what are you doing tomorrow morning?"

"I don't know, maybe killing a drifter, why?" you say as an awkward joke, but Jenny laughs anyway.

"My boyfriend is going into work really early, so I was going to breakfast at the diner. I just thought you might want to join me."


The next morning, do you:

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