Stalker-torture Amy with medical supplies

From Create Your Own Story

You go around the office, finding supplies for your "patient." Amy's eyes widen as she sees you pick up a syringe. You grab one of her pencil eraser-like nipples and play with it, pulling on it before putting the hypodermic needle to it. The scared blonde screams as you press the needle clear through her sensitive nipple, then repeat on the other side. You laugh as you flick the plastic tubes with your fingers, twisting the pierced nipples as they dangle from the small tits.

You next pick up a blood pressure cuff, securely fixing it around her thin neck. You pump the sleeve slowly, terrifying the girl as the sleeve slowly squeezes her throat, her face turning redder with each pump. You release the pressure and watch her injured breasts rise and fall as she breathes rapidly. You repeat the process, pushing her closer farther, leaving her struggle as the cuff cuts the blood flow to her head, only to release it just before she would pass out.

"You don't get to be that lucky," you say as you slap her across her flat tummy. You next grab a speculum and spread her pussy lips. Amy's hips thrash wildly, but you punch her in the gut to stop her before forcing the speculum into her. You viciously twist and shove the unlubricated device in her, scraping and cutting her vaginal walls until a trickle of blood streams out onto her anus. "We wouldn't want you getting infected," you say as you pick up a bottle of peroxide and pour it into her damaged cunt. Amy howls in pain as the peroxide burns her cuts. Adding to her discomfort, you pick up a catheter and work it into her urinary tract. Amy grunts as you push into her, forcing her to empty her bladder into a plastic bottle. You remove her gag and pour her warm piss into her mouth, holding her head until she swallows every drop of the warm golden liquid.

Before you leave, do you:

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