Stalker-the right

From Create Your Own Story

You give the coffees to the girls and hang out in the store for the last 20 minutes before closing. The store is pretty much empty so you just talk to the girls. Chloe seems to be doing fine, but Jenny complains of a bit of a headache. After stumbling over a display case, she bends over a counter.

"Chloe, I don't know what's hit me, but I feel awful. Could you close the store without me?"

"Oh sure. You look horrible. Go home and get some rest."

Jenny starts to walk toward the exit and stops holding her head.

"I don't think I can drive. Robert, would you drive me home?"

"It's no problem. I can take you home."

"You're so sweet," Jenny says as she kisses your cheek.

You put your arm around the drugged girl and walk her to the van. She grows weaker as you cross the parking lot and the strain in you pants grows stronger. When you put her in the van, she is already virtually passed out.

Do you:

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