Stalker-tease Jenny's exposed back with your tongue

From Create Your Own Story

You relax Jenny by softly caressing her back for a few minutes, causing her to emit a series of pleasurable moans. After she's in the right mood, you slide out your tongue and zigzag your way up her spine. Jenny shudders and lets out a squeal of delight.

"Mmmmmmm," she purrs. "Do that again, Robert."

You never were one to turn her down. You go the opposite direction this time, from her neck to her lower back. Jenny is trembling by the time you finish.

"Oh, my," she whispers. "You have a skilled tongue. I think I'd like you to use it elsewhere." She stands up and pulls off her remaining clothes before lying face up on the bed. You strip off your own clothes and join her.

Jenny wants more of your tongue, so...

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