Stalker-strip Cindy and rape her

From Create Your Own Story

While Cindy is still out cold, you unzip her pants and pull them, along with her panties, over her round ass and down her thin but shapely legs. You take her ankles and wrap them securely in duct tape before pushing her knees to her chest. Cindy is just coming to as you tape her wrists behind her knees, leaving her in a ball on her side. Cindy glares at you as you stuff her mouth with her panites and tape it shut. You put both hands on her shoulders and pull her shirt down, stretching the top until it pulls down over her large but perky tits with big brown areola.

You laugh as you painfully grab Cindy's tit, the helpless woman groaning as your fingers dig into her soft flesh and twist hard. You spit in her face as you pull out your cock, slapping it against her brown ass before rubbing it on the peach fuzz on her twat. Cindy tries to press her legs together to stop you from invading her dry twat. You walk away into the bathroom and return with baby oil. After squirting the oil into her resisting cunt and onto your cockhead, you force your thick meat inside. Cindy screams in pain as you roughly thrust into her tight dry vagina. You slap her ass again and again as your meat jabs into her mercilessly. Rolling her onto her back, you put both hands on her trapped tits and let your body press her legs into her chest. You watch Cindy struggle for breath as you crush down on her chest, driving your cock straight down into her until you feel yourself getting pushed to the edge. You quickly pull out and spray your load across Cindy's red, teary eyes.

Before you leave, do you:

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