Stalker-sneek in the doctor's office

From Create Your Own Story

Wearing a ski mask, yuu break the lock on a back door to the office building and slip inside. Sure enough, Amy is there, filling out some paperwork at a counter while listening to an iPod.

"Good night," she says to someone leaving the office, "I'll just be a few more minutes."

You wait a moment then, grab the 5 foot tall blonde nurse from behind. Amy kicks wildly as you pick her up and carry her into an examination room. Straddling her onto the examination table, you grab some surgical tubing and tie her wrist to the side of the bed. Gauze strips are used to bind her other wrist. Shoving a wad of gauze in her mouth, you pull off her scrubs pants before tying her ankles to the table. You find a bandage scissor and cut through the top of her scrubs, exposing small, pointy breasts with little pink nipples.

Do you:

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