Stalker-reward Jenny by mounting her wet twat

From Create Your Own Story

"Such a good girl," you whisper in Jenny's ear as you climb on top of her. You tease her pussy with your cock, rubbing the shaft along her slit before slipping the tip inside. As you slowly enter her, you look into Jenny's red eyes, her makeup smeared from her tears. Her nostrils flair as she struggles to breathe around the red ball in her mouth, little moans escaping as you slowly push deeper into her with each stroke. You hold her in your arms, caressing the small of her back and teasing her nipple with your fingers as you gently pump her wet twat.

"I knew you'd like it," you moan as you nibble on her earlobe, her muscles massaging your rod as you slowly increase the tempo. Soon you feel Jenny's hips rocking as she starts to match your thrusts. The tears well up in her eyes again as she let's out a muffled scream, her spasming pussy milking your seed out of your cock.

You lay beside Jenny for a moment then get the confused girl a couple of sleeping pills to allow her to sleep through the night. While Jenny sleeps, do you:

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