Stalker-rape Jenny's sweaty cunt

From Create Your Own Story

You pull Jenny onto the floor and rip her shorts off. You jump on top of the brunette, pinning her back to the cool tile floor. You shove Jenny's sweaty shorts between her full lips and hold her wrists in one hand and her thigh in the other. You jab your cock at her slit several times before entering her. Jenny looks up at your nylon-masked face, then turns her head and cries. You slam your cock in deep as you force her pussy open with your throbbing dick. Your body presses down on the helpless girl as you rape her hard. You pull her t-shirt and sports bra up so you can tongue her nipple through the nylon covering your mouth. Jenny groans in disgust as you grope and lick her tit while you fuck her balls deep. Your dreamgirl's pussy squeezes your cock so nicely that you never want it to end. Instead it's ending much too quickly. You pull the shorts out of Jenny's mouth and jizz into them to avoid leaving evidence in her.

Do you:

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