Stalker-punish her by fucking her ass

From Create Your Own Story

"That's how you want to play? If you want it rough, you'll get it rough." You grab one of Jenny's wrists and cuff it to the chain attached to the wall. You use duct tape to hold her other wrist to her free ankle. Lying on her stomach, Jenny is unable to close her legs as you pull her pantyose and panties down.

"I wasn't going to go here," you say as you stick your finger up her ass, "but I guess I have to teach you a lesson." Jenny screams as you force your finger into her tight rosebud. You quickly replace you finger with your hard cock. Jenny tries awkwardly to kick at you with her taped up leg as you shove deeper into her rectum. Her sphincter seems to be crushing you, but you figure that just means it's hurting her more. You grab Jenny's hips and give her several short stabs, her breasts dragging along the dirty floor. Blood begins to trickle out of her damaged anus as Jenny gradually relaxes.

"Are you gonna play nice?" you ask as you pound her mercilessly.

"Oh God, yes. I'll do anything. I'll be good."

You feel your orgasm building.

Do you:

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