Stalker-pull your cock out and let Jenny take control

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Sitting beside Jenny as she enjoys the afterglow of her orgasm, you pull your dick out of your pants and put it in Jenny's hand. "Oh, that's nice. Little Robbie ain't so little," she says with a laugh. She slowly strokes your meatthen gets down on her knees. The drunk girl kisses your cock head then licks around the head while cupping your balls. You sit back and watch the brunette as her head slwoly moves lower on your hard shaft. Jenny bobs up and down, taking about half of your 7 inches in her mouth and working the rest with her hand. Jenny fingers herself as she sucks your cock, her moans adding to your pleasure. You can't help yourself and start thrusting into her mouth, but Jenny pulls back and strokes you with her hand. You relax and let her take control, her lips returning to your meat. It isn't long before you feel that familiar twitching in your cock.

"Oh fuck, Jenny. I'm gonna cum." The beautiful brunette sits back and strokes you hard. With mouth closed, she points your penis directly at her lips and jerks you off until you coat her lips and chin with sperm. She gets up and plops down on the couch beside you.You sit with your eyes closed, then feel her give you a slimy kiss on the cheek. Jenny laughs as you wipe your jizz off your cheek.

Do you:

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