Stalker-press your dick to the sleeping girl's lips

From Create Your Own Story

You can't control yourself and feel you have to let Jenny touch your dick. You lightly rub the tip along Jenny's full pink lips. You love the feel of her breath, and to your surprise you feel her lips open. You slip the head of your cock between her teeth, letting her tongue brush the side of your helmet. You slowly stroke your shaft as Jenny's tongue lightly rubs you. The sleeping girl suddenly lets out a groggy moan before wrapping her lips around you. She doesn't open her eyes as she weakly bobs on the end of your meat in her sleep. You don't want to wake her, so you pull out before you blow. "Oh, Joey," she mumbles as you jerk off hard.

"I'm right here," Joey says as he wakes up. You turn and run while trying to close your pants, but Joey is quick. You feel him grab your arm, and using some sort of martial arts, twists and breaks it. You scream out as he holds your splintered arm and knees you in the liver. You drop to the ground in pain only to have him leap on top of you. Fists and elbows rain down on your face as Jenny calls the police.

You wake up in a hospital with a police guard. Joey gets probation and a hefty fine for his excessive assault on you, but it's little consolation as you spend the next ten years in jail getting raped by your cellmates.

The End

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