Stalker-make sure Emma and Chloe can't call the cops for a while

From Create Your Own Story

"I'm sorry but you know too much," you say as you reach for one of Emma's sneakers. Ripping it off her foot, you remove the shoe lace and use it to tie her wrists behind her. Emma has a black undershirt on beneath the flannel, which you cut off her. Removing the plastic bag, you shove half the material in her mouth then tie the rest around her head to secure the gag.

You go into the kitchen and find a new box of cling film. You first wrap it tightly around Emma's legs. You then reach around Emma's chest, making sure to feel her perky little braless breasts beneath her shirt, and sit her up. You use the plastic to firmly bind her arms from her shoulders to her wrists.

You know Chloe could wake up any minute now, so you get to work on her. Masking tape is wound several times around her wrists in front of her then her chest and arms are wrapped in cling film. You then carry her to the bathroom and lay her in the tub. You use the line from the blinds to tie her ankles to the shower curtain bar, holding her upside down.

Confident that it will be hours, at least, before they can get free, do you:

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