Stalker-make love to Jenny in her new home

From Create Your Own Story

You tell Jenny you have to clean up, but you'll be back in a few minutes. When you get back, Jenny has found a white silk nightie with matching stockings and is lying seductively. You crawl into bed and lie behind her, pulling her body close to you. Jenny breathess deeply as you brush her hair aside and kiss her neck, your hands stroking her thighs and tummy. You see a smile cross her face as your hands slide over the silk covering her breasts. With Jenny in her new home, you're feeling much more tender in the way you treat her, slowly massaging and caressing her before lightly stroking her panties. You eventually slip between her legs and kiss her thighs. You pull the lacy white fabric aside and slip your tongue between her pussy lips. You lick and suck as your thumb lightly brushes her clit and your hand stokes her thighs. After a few minutes of licking, you hear Jenny start to cry.

"What's wrong, sugarpie?" you ask sincerely.

"It's just not working. I don't know, you're being nice and this is what I used to like, but it's just boring right now."

This worries you a little. You may have broken Jenny and made her yours, but you also might have made her more of a kinky slut than you might have planned.

Do you:

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