Stalker-kiss Jenny back

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You put your arms around Jenny, caressing her back as you press your lips against hers. "I don't know what's come over me, but I really feel close to you right now," she says before pecking you with a series of delicate kisses. Her hands roam over your body before pulling off your shirt. Jenny straddles you and takes complete control, running her hands through your hair as she kisses her way down your chin and chest. You soon find your pants being opened by your suddenly lust-filled dreamgirl. You dick springs to attention as you watch Jenny peel off her sweater, exposing a red satin bra in the process. You sit up and press your face to her chest, rubbing your cheek on the satin C cups as your hand press her soft boobs together.

Jenny pushes you back before she pulls off her jeans, showing off her lacy red panties. Turning so that her knees are beside your hip, Jenny spits on your cock and starts to stroke. You gasp as you feel her breath on your cock before her toungue reaches out and tickles it. You reach out to your side and stroke Jenny's ass, before pulling her panties down. Jenny's full red lips slide down your pole as you slip two wet fingers inside her twat. The beautiful brunette moans as she holds her head all the way down on your meat. The feeling of her throat vibrating on your cock as she deepthroats you and purrs tingles through you. Jenny finally pulls off, leaving a trail of spit from her lips to your cockhead as she gasps for air. Again and again, she forces your cock into her gagging throat as her pussy squeezes and soaks your fingers.

"Aw gaw. mmmmph," Jenny mumbles through your dick as her big brown eyes look at you longingly. Suddenly she pulls her mouth of of you and closes her eyes as she lets out a long steady moan. "Shit Robbie, your fingers feel so good," she says before mounting your dick with her mouth again. Jenny now bobs at a furious clip until you feel you dick is primed to go. You grab Jenny's hair to pull her head back, but she keeps the head of your meat pressed against her tongue, coating it in jizz.

Do you:

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