Stalker-hide in an alley to beat Cindy

From Create Your Own Story

You wait in an alley between the school and Cindy's house. You hear the sound of heels clicking on the sidewalk and get ready to pounce. As Cindy walks past, you lunge out and reach your hand around her face, silencing her instant scream. You grab her long, curly hair and pull it to drag her into a dark spot in the alley, then slam her face against a brick wall. You drive your fist into Cindy's side, letting the girl fall to one knee as blood trickles from a cut above her eye. You grab the shocked woman's hair and punch her square in the face. Blood pours from her broken nose as you punch her in the gut. Cindy falls to the ground, allowing you to kick her in the chest before you run off.

Do you:

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