Stalker-go see Jenny at work

From Create Your Own Story

You go get lunch then head to the mall. You walk around trying to act casual, then look into the cell phone shop.

"Oh my God," you yell in mock surprise, "i know I said I'd talk to you soon, but I didn't know it would be today." Jenny looks a little surprised. She also looks really hot, wearing a white button down blouse that highlights her ample bosum, and a knee length black skirt and two inch heels that show off her sexy calves. You struggle a little to avoid being obvious in checking her out as the two of you do some catching up. You find out she spent a couple extra years in college, then went to live in New York, but got homesick. It seems like you might actually be hitting it off, but you still feel a little nervous around her.

"How late do they have you working?"

"I'm here 'til 8:00."

Do you:

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