Stalker-go hang out in her house

From Create Your Own Story

Jenny takes you home and gives you the tour. You walk through the living room, kitchen, laundry room, guest bedroom/computer room, and end out in the master bedroom.

"You still sleep with a teddy bear?" you ask as you sit on the bed and pick up the slightly beat up toy sitting next to the bed.

"Shut up," she says with a smile as she sits next to you, "I've had Mr. Buttons since I was eight years old. It annoys Joey a little. He says it's like someone is watching us have sex, but that's his problem." Jenny lies down next to you. "We just got this bed when I moved back and it is so comfortable. Here lie down with me." You kick off your shoes and lie down. It really does feel good, and starts to feel even better when Jenny rolls over and rests on your chest.

"Is there a better bed to be in than this?"

"Um, not that I can think of," you say with a sudden case of the nerves. All of a sudden Jenny leans in and kisses you.

Do you:

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