Stalker-fuck the drunk in bed

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You lie on top of Jenny and get between her legs. You give her a little kiss as you pull up her skirt and grab hold of her panties and leggings.

"You got me drunk to get me in bed? You're a bad boy, hee hee," she says with a giggle.

You pull off Jenny's leggings and panties, exposing her smooth, toned thighs and shaved pussy. You slide your hands along Jenny's legs, enjoying the feel of her soft skin as you wrap your mind around what's about to happen. You stroke Jenny's clit, making her moan before you wet her pussy with your spit. You press the underside of your cock against her slit and rub her pussy with it while you open her sweater.

A little more spit wets your cock and you press in as you take hold of her breast through her shirt. Jenny's dry pussy slowly opens to you as you work your way inside. She grunts slightly as you stretch her open, but does nothing to resist. You lie on top of her and thrust into her with short strokes, her pussy slowly responding to you. Jenny looks at you with her bloodshot eyes as she runs her hand through your hair. "Oh fuck me, fucker," she mumbles, spurring you to pound her harder. You sit up and take hold of her hips, slamming into her with long strokes before stopping deep inside and grabbing her tit. Again and again you pump into the hot drunk brunette, her body bouncing beneath you as she moans. You slam your hips hard against her as your balls tighten, jizz filling her drunk cunt. Jenny passes out almost as soon as you stop, cum dribbling out of her pussy.

Do you:

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