Stalker-fuck Chloe to relieve your frustration

From Create Your Own Story

As you drive Chloe back to her apartment, you decide that it would be pointless to waste your drugs on this girl, and, besides, she's not half bad looking anyway. Getting her into the apartment, you lie her down over the arm of her couch so that her ass is in the air and her head is resting on the cushions.

You pull the red head's pants down to her knees, exposing her pink cotton panties and pale cheeks. You pull her panties aside and spit on her pussy before sliding your finger inside. Although unconscious, Chloe, still responds to your probing, a dampness forming on her pink pussy lips as her hips slightly rock. You stand up behind her and drop your pants, letting your erection point at the helpless girl. You slip your cock in slowly, a slight groan escaping Chloe as you press deeper into her. You pull her hair aside and look at her sleeping face, your hand rubbing her porcelain skin then slipping your thumb between her red pouty lips. You laugh at the poor girl as you steadily pound her pussy before pulling out quickly. You shoot ropes of sperm on her asscheek before wiping your dick on her chin.

Do you:

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