Stalker-force your cock down Jenny's throat

From Create Your Own Story

You grab Jenny's long hair and pull her head back. Guiding your dick with your hand, you put it in the ring gag and shove forward. Jenny coughs and gags as you stab straight for the back of her throat. She moans a muffled protest as you pound your dick into her mouth, drool spilling out of her gag. Shoving deeper, you slience her by pushing your cockhead down her throat. Jenny's eyes plead with you as her throat stretches around the cock blocking her windpipe. You pull back with a pop, letting Jenny gasp for air before pushing forward again. You balls bounce on her chin as you fuck the throat of the girl kneeling front of you. You think about cumming in her throat, but you want to make sure she tastes your load, so you pull out and shoot it onto her tongue. You remove the gag from Jenny's mouth as she lies on her side sobbing.

Do you:

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