Stalker-find something in the kitchen to lube up Jenny's ass

From Create Your Own Story

You look around and spot a squeeze bottle of mustard on the refrigerator door. Jenny grunts into your hand as you insert the nozzle into her sphincter. You shove the bottle in her mouth and give it another squeeze, making Jenny cough and gag on a mouthful of spicy yellow. You take advantage of the distraction to shove the tip of your dick into her rosebud. The mustard irritates your pisshole, but you don't mind. "Please, don't do this," Jenny whimpers as you put both hands on her hips and stab deeper into her bowels. You pull her shirt up and press down on her back, pressing her sports bra against the cool marble countertop. Tears well in her eyes as you slam your hips against her firm asscheeks. Jenny's ass squeezes you tightly as you plow her hard, a bit of red mixing in with the yellow lube. Your hands reach into her sports bra and grab both tits, filling both hands with soft flesh as Jenny grunts in discomfort. Your dick doesn't stand a chance when it's in your dreamgirl's firm, tanned ass, and you find your balls tightening quickly. At the last moment you worry about evidence and pull out, shooting your load into the sink.

Do you:

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