Stalker-end the hug by kissing her cheek

From Create Your Own Story

You give Jenny a soft kiss on her cheek as you hold her close. Jenny smiles and blushes slightly, then gives you a bigger kiss on the lips.

"That's what you really wanted, wasn't it?" You nod in embarassment. "It's okay. You're a good kisser." Jenny kisses you again, your lips pulling at her lower lip.

"Come on, let's dance." Jenny drags you onto the small dance floor and dances playfully with you. As Kyle comes and joins in, Jenny turns around and presses her backside against you. She seductively grinds her body against you and giggles while Kyle sandwiches her between you and him. She looks back at you and seems to be genuinely enjoying this.

"Hey Robbie, why don't you get the three of us one more drink and then could you take me home?"

"Of course."

Do you:

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