Stalker-encourage Jenny to service you

From Create Your Own Story

You go to your bag of toys and pull out a small remote controlled vibrator with two little eggs attached to each other. "Look at me, Jenny," you say calmly as you kneel in front of her. "I'm going to slip this inside your panties and, if you stop crying and do a good job, you'll get some pleasure, too. If you're gonna be a whiny little bitch and fight me, I'll just ram it all the way down your throat until you choke. It's your choice. Do you want to be a good girl?" Jenny looks at the floor and nods.

You slip the toy inside her panties, making sure one egg touches her clit and the other just splits her lips. You brush your rigid cock against her cheek before putting it in front of her propped open mouth. Jenny leans forward and slips her mouth over your rod, her tongue pressing on the underside of your meat. You pull her hair back so you can watch the girl slowly piston her head on you, drool dripping onto her exposed cleavage. You press the button turning on the toy in Jenny's panties, making her squeal on your pole. Jenny looks up at you with her big eyes as she pushes deeper, letting you touch her tonsils. Your captive lover seems to like the feeling in her pussy, moans escaping as she bobs faster and her tongue works more furiously.

You pull out of her mouth just in time to blow your load on her chin and heaving chest. Jenny falls forward, moaning loudly as she trembles through an orgasm of her own.

Do you:

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