Stalker-drug the girl

From Create Your Own Story

You stop in the food court and buy two coffees. Slipping a heavy dose of the drugs in one cup, you head over to Jenny's shop. She's talking to a younger looking red headed coworker when you walk in and is surprised to see you.

"Why, hello. What are you doing here?" she says with a smile.

"I was driving by and thought, if I couldn't get you dinner, I could at least get you and your friend here,"

"Chloe," the red head interrupts.

"I just wanted to get you and Chloe a coffee. You know, no hard feelings."

"That's so sweet. You shouldn't have," Jenny says happily.

One problem. In your excitement, you've forgotten which cup is spiked with the drug.

Do you give Jenny the one on:

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